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We politely ask all of our valued customers to insist on checking the credentials of the lads who are being picked up by Legend Xpress International courier services. Additionally, we ask that you insist on receiving Legend Xpress Brand packaging materials. If you have any questions, please call +91 98430 41938. ** Pick-up fees may apply based on the distance.
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Legend Xpress International Courier Service Importing consignments from any part of the world and delivering it in India is our specialty, it can be a small document or a big parcel we can pick up from any destination and delivery to the door steps. Thus making flexible and hassle free.

As our country always has the interest in acquiring and enjoying the products of other country, we extend our support by introducing the various products manufactured across the globe and it is a great pleasure for us to exchange and experience the potential and commercial trading which help us to bridge the wide gap.

Legend Xpress International Courier Service Offer to Import your Courier And Cargo Shipment at Discounted Rates. Import Material from China, Germany, Korea, USA, Dubai At Discounted Rates with Timely Delivery. Import from All Over China, USA with Express Service.

China Import Rates Starting at Rs. 1250*

Dubai Import Rates Starting at Rs 600*

Import From UK Just Rs. 450 per kg.*

Import from USA Just Rs. 650 per Kg.*


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